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The Designer

Founder designer, Rakhi Peethamber’s passion for colours, Gems and art paved way to her establishing her atelier in 2010 .An extremely talented designer,she started to make Occasion Wear and Bridal Dresses right from the beginning. She is increasingly carving her own niche and style.

A self-trained designer, Rakhi has an innate ability to successfullytransform the ‘Dream-Look’ of a woman, to reality and this is evident in her fabulous designs. Inspired by the uniqueness of a woman, Rakhi weaves together unique elements to articulate her art. The ready-to-wear line is drenched in the same feminine aesthetic as her couture work.

She experiments with the central themes of femininity and romanticism, creating clothing that is cut-to-the-curve, with soft edges and exquisite detail including embroidery,hand tamboured laces andbeading on luxurious fabrics.

Refusing to be within any theoretical boundaries,Rakhi uses her self-training in fashion designing as an asset.

A Skilled couturier herself, she leads her team to deliver almost dreamlike luxurious garments.